The Dream Pianos Collection

Featured Premium Sound Library: The Dream Pianos Collection
Downloadable Version (19 Euro)

The Dream Pianos Collection is now available for download! Dream Pianos is a collection of 32 created acoustic and electric pianos for the Chillout, ambient, new age, classical and pop style for the Korg Kronos.

The set has bright pianos, dark pianos, pad pianos, electric pianos, experimental pianos and effect pianos.

Available: NOW!

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 Most pianos have a pad sound beneath them that is hardly noticeable but it adds a lot of atmosphere to the piano. If you only want to use the piano just mute channel 2 by pressing the audio switch 2.
You can also easely modify the reverb room to your liking by turning knob 8. When you use a 61 keys keyboard you can use SW1 and SW2 for octave changes.

In this video you can see me playing a couple of the piano programs from this soundset. At the end of the video you can hear three small parts of songs while all 32 pianos are shown, so you can see the names of the programs and the modules it uses.



Voice List
U-FF000 Dark Chillout Piano QR
U-FF001 Silver Strings Piano QR
U-FF002 Magical Pad Piano QR
U-FF003 New Age Piano QR
U-FF004 Space Signals Piano QR
U-FF005 Warm Sunny Piano QR
U-FF006 Break of Dawn Piano QR
U-FF007 Ibiza Lounge Piano QR
UFF008 Dark Glass Piano QR
U-FF009 Bright Glass Piano QR

U-FF010 Dark Solo Piano QR
U-FF011 Dark Mellow Piano QR
U-FF012 Mission Control Piano QR
U-FF013 German Dark Grand QR
U-FF014 Mystical Cave Piano QR
U-FF015 Sweet Dreams Piano QR
U-FF016 Sleep Tight EP QR
U-FF017 Two Worlds Piano QR
U-FF018 Symphony Piano QR
U-FF019 Smooth and Warm Piano QR

U-FF020 Singing Pulse EP QR
U-FF021 Sand Desert Piano QR
U-FF022 Deep Warm EP QR
U-FF023 Where Are They Piano QR
U-FF024 Opposite Phases EP QR
U-FF025 Chakra Piano QR
U-FF026 Strong Wind EP QR
U-FF027 Celtic Piano QR
U-FF028 Soft Blanket Piano QR
U-FF029 Living Creature Piano QR

U-FF030 Skinny Love Piano QR
U-FF031 It's Over Piano QR