Magical Space + Magical Clouds Action Pack

Introduction Action Pack: Magical Space & Magical Clouds
Downloadable Version (42 Euro)

As a special action to celebrate the opening of the new website, this time limited action package is your best buy ! With this set you will get the Magical Space + the Magical Clouds Libraries for a special price of 42 euro (regular price: 58 euro if you buy them seperately). That's a discount of 28%.

These sets contains lots of Motion Pads, Evolving ambient leads, Rythmic Bass sounds, rythmical programs, keys, sound effects and 47 new wave sequences.

Available: Now! 



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In this package the two sound libraries are combined in one large program library of 128 programs (Magical Suite Collection).



Korg Kronos: 64 Chill Out Wave Sequenced Sounds for ambient, chillout, new age and other styles where you can use wave sequenced sounds.


Because this soundset uses a lot of wave sequencing techniques and automated Vector patterns on the sounds every program is a performance sound on it's own.

This set has Motion Pads, Evolving ambient leads, Rythmic Bass sounds and sound effects available.

In this demo i'm improvising ambient soundscapes with 8 sounds from that soundset. I only use the default programs. So everything you hear is just one program followed by the next program. The last sounds is a combi where 2 programs are layered: A pad sound and a KARMAFIED sine sound.




64 Rythmical Wave Sequenced Chillout sounds for ambient, chillout, new age and other styles where you can use wave sequenced sounds. This sound library is a perfect match with the Magical Space Sound Library.


This demo is to show the rythmical possibilities of wave sequences. Here i'm improvising with a couple of the sounds of the Magical Clouds soundset. This 64 programs soundset contains lots of rythmical patches, leads, keys and sound effects. It's intended as the followup of the magical space soundset which focuses on ambient pads.

In this demo i'm improvising ambient soundscapes with sounds from the Magical Space and the Magical Clouds Soundsets. I only use the default programs. So everything you hear is just one program followed by the next program.

The first three programs in this demo are from the Magical Space sound library, the other programs are from the Magical Clouds library






Voice List Magical Pads

U-DD000 Breathing Air QR
U-DD001 Roadtrip to Paradise QR
U-DD002 Vector Movement Pad QR
U-DD003 Heart of Glass QR
U-DD004 Sine Loop Percussive QR
U-DD005 Astoria Lead QR
U-DD006 In the Mines QR
U-DD007 Resonance Frequency QR
U-DD008 Silky Smooth Lead QR
U-DD009 Smooth and Soft Pad QR

U-DD010 Fairytale Flute QR
U-DD011 Ambient Emotion Lead Q
U-DD012 Pulsonix Bass QR
U-DD013 Eternity Choir QR
U-DD014 Jungle Forrest Lead QR
U-DD015 Analog Strings QR
U-DD016 Sine Drops QR
U-DD017 Green Meadows Pad QR
U-DD018 Analog Wire Lead QR
U-DD019 Shivering Pad QR

U-DD020 Bright Sunlight Lead QR
U-DD021 Syndicate Bass QR
U-DD022 Industry Lead QR
U-DD023 Maya Temple QR
U-DD024 Deep Meditation QR
U-DD025 Mirror Reflections QR
U-DD026 Tibetan Yantra QR
U-DD027 Violet Flowers Violin QR
U-DD028 Alpha Sleep QR
U-DD029 Bells of the Spirits QR

U-DD030 Serendipity QR
U-DD031 Dancing Fairies QR
U-DD032 Santorini QR
U-DD033 Ancient Temple QR
U-DD034 Brain Waves Lead QR
U-DD035 Tree Leaves QR
U-DD036 Floating QR
U-DD037 Spanish Sunset Guitar QR
U-DD038 Upstairs Lead QR
U-DD039 The Abyss QR

U-DD040 Enigmatic QR
U-DD041 Screaming Monkey QR
U-DD042 Icecream Lead QR
U-DD043 In Perfect Shape QR
U-DD044 Light Rain QR
U-DD045 Venetian Bells QR
U-DD046 The Voyage QR
U-DD047 Outerspace Choir QR
U-DD048 Monestry Bell QR
U-DD049 Singing Birds QR

U-DD050 Princess Kay EP QR
U-DD051 Dream Guitar QR
U-DD052 Mystical Harp QR
U-DD053 Mighty Emperor QR
U-DD054 Footsteps in the Snow QR
U-DD055 White Bunny Lead QR
U-DD056 Five Red Flowers QR
U-DD057 The Kings Entrance QR
U-DD058 Ambient Space Keys QR
U-DD059 Passing Ghosts Pad QR

U-DD060 Evoke Lead QR
U-DD061 Sadness QR
U-DD062 Oldskool Radio Lead QR
U-DD063 Pulse From Above QR

Voice List Magical Clouds

U-DD064 Howling Wolf Lead QR
U-DD065 Breaking Up Pad QR
U-DD066 Nature Stream QR
U-DD067 The String Factory QR
U-DD068 Vibraphone Pad QR
U-DD069 Trancedental Voices QR

U-DD070 Sun Through Glass QR
U-DD071 Planetarium QR
U-DD072 Deep Wave Bass QR
U-DD073 Land of Pandora QR
U-DD074 Mountain Breeze QR
U-DD075 Feeding the Duck QR
U-DD076 Blue Sky Lead QR
U-DD077 Drops of Water QR
U-DD078 Milky Way Piano QR
U-DD079 Pizza Toppings QR

U-DD080 Into the Groove QR
U-DD081 White Unicorn QR
U-DD082 The Spring Pad QR
U-DD083 Not In This Time QR
U-DD084 Chillout Dreams QR
U-DD085 Solar Flare QR
U-DD086 Flight of the Eagle QR
U-DD087 Starlight QR
U-DD088 Chrystal Harmonium QR
U-DD089 Jungle Voices QR

U-DD090 Mine Machines Pad QR
U-DD091 Silver Glass Piano QR
U-DD092 Choral Reef QR
U-DD093 Palmtree Organ QR
U-DD094 Light Air Pad QR
U-DD095 Seventh Sin QR
U-DD096 Dinosaurs Attack QR
U-DD097 Blue Satin Lead QR
U-DD098 Rythmic Forrest Trail QR
U-DD099 Helena's Dream Lead QR

U-DD100 City Lights QR
U-DD101 Electric Pulse Harp QR
U-DD102 The Deep Well QR
U-DD103 Phaser Rythms Pad QR
U-DD104 Antarctic Bass QR
U-DD105 Windy Sphere Keys QR
U-DD106 Color of the Wind QR
U-DD107 Birds from the Shadow QR
U-DD108 Shivering Guitar QR
U-DD109 Beautiful Island Lead QR

U-DD110 Chrystal Keys QR
U-DD111 Ancient Mystic Flute QR
U-DD112 Green as Brass QR
U-DD113 One Hit Wonder QR
U-DD114 Guitar in Heaven QR
U-DD115 Smooth Talker Lead QR
U-DD116 Koto Memories QR
U-DD117 The Wasteland QR
U-DD118 Waterdrops Percussion QR
U-DD119 Sad Fairy Lead QR

U-DD120 Glass Shivers QR
U-DD121 Train to Neverland QR
U-DD122 Dance of Fire Flies QR
U-DD123 Illumination Glow QR
U-DD124 Solar Flames EP Lead QR
U-DD125 Neo Soul Soft Lead QR
U-DD126 Cabin in the Woods QR
U-DD127 Saint Pauls Choir QR

Wave Sequences List
(You can find these banks by pressing the Global button and then the Wave
Sequences tab)

U-AA-00  String in Motion QR
U-AA-01  Passing Ghosts String QR
U-AA-02  Infinity Flute QR
U-AA-03  Bell Morphing Flute QR
U-AA-04  Rythmic Synth Bass QR
U-AA-05  Rythmic industry 1 QR
U-AA-06  Jungle Boogie QR
U-AA-07  Industrial Rythm 2 QR
U-AA-08  Superwaves in Motion QR
U-AA-09  Deep Industry QR

U-AA-10  Dancing Breaks QR
U-AA-11  Billie Jean QR
U-AA-12  Trance Lead QR
U-AA-13  The Groove QR
U-AA-14  Sine Heaven S&H QR
U-AA-15  Bells of Venice QR
U-AA-16  !BeatifulPlace QR (not in use in this set, obsolete)
U-AA-17  Rythm of the Night QR
U-AA-18  Formant xFades QR
U-AA-19  Choir Mixed xFades QR

U-AA-20  Harps in Space QR
U-AA-21  Hard Glass QR
U-AA-22  Soft Glass QR
U-AA-23  Machine Engine QR
U-AA-24  xFaded Resonances QR
U-AA-25  Wind Strings QR
U-AA-26  Sine Festival QR
U-AA-27  Monster Attack QR
U-AA-28  One Hit Wonder QR
U-AA-29  Silky Smooth Lead QR

U-AA-30  Violin Ensemble QR
U-AA-31  Triangle String QR

U-BB-00  The Synth Flute QR
U-BB-01  Arctic Bass QR
U-BB-02  Rythm Mood QR
U-BB-03  Rythm Coin QR
U-BB-04  Koto Harp QR
U-BB-05  Rythm Industry QR
U-BB-06  Rythm Pizzicato QR
U-BB-07  5th Sine Pattern QR
U-BB-08  Glass S&H QR
U-BB-09  Drum Rythm QR

U-BB-10  Rythmic Machinery QR
U-BB-11  Morphing Candy QR
U-BB-12  Nature Stream QR
U-BB-13  Streaming Path Pad  QR
U-BB-14  Vocal Flute Pad QR
U-BB-15  Paladin QR