Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How can i buy a Qui Robinez Sound Library?

Buying a sound library is easy, just press the menu item: Shop. You have to register to order a soundset. After registering you can add a soundset to your shopping cart and pay for the soundset by using paypal. After the paypal transaction is complete you will get a download link where you can download the soundset. You will receive this email within minutes.

Question 2: will there be any benefits of being a registered user of the Qui Robinez Website?

Definitly, when you logon to the website you will get an extra menu where you can see your previous orders. Also you will get a week early access to free soundsets when they are ready.

Question 3: How do i load the soundsets in my synthesiser?

This depends on the brand and model of your synth, for now only the Kronos soundsets are available.

Install instructions:
- Download the file you've received in the link
- Unzip the File on your computer
- Copy the <SOUNDSET NAME>.PCG file to an usb stick
- On the Kronos press the disk button and load the PCG file from usb stick to the bank you like.